Professional high quality color matching to fit your brand.

Embroidery is the process of forming decorative designs on articles with needlework. Stitch & Print’s southern California custom embroidery services are a great way to create a custom, professional product.

Embroidery designs can include monograms, logos, and other personalizations. Custom embroidery is a great way to create branded t-shirts, outerwear, polo or golf shirts, hats, and other accessories. Our embroidery services include custom embroidered emblems, artistic patches, and more.

Stitch & Print recommends embroidery to create a superior finish for smaller or accent designs. We can mix and match our custom embroidery with screen printing and vinyl to produce a perfect combination of quality, visual appearance, and appropriate price. For example, screen print a large logo or main design on a t-shirt, then use embroidery as an accent or for a smaller logo on the front pocket.

Stitch & Print’s high-end embroidery machines can stitch up to 15 colors on almost any kind of garment. Our professional custom embroidery is always completed in-house, ensuring quick turnaround and delivery (if needed). Stitch & Print’s qualified embroidery professionals check all work carefully to ensure our high standards of quality are met for each and every article.

For a free quote please contact us at our Temecula, CA office – (951) 375-8984 or email [email protected].