Vinyl Wall Letering

Vinyl Wall Letering

Personalize your living space or brighten up your business with vinyl wall lettering

Stitch & Print’s Vinyl Wall Lettering Products

Vinyl wall lettering has become the latest trend in home décor. It’s the perfect way to express your interests, reveal your personality, and share your family values. Stitch & Print was started to help people improve the ambiance of their home in a fun and cost effective way. Based in Temecula, California, Stitch & Print has grown to serve individuals and families across the globe. Stitch & Print always offers a wide range of products that is constantly growing. Custom lettering is welcomed and encouraged since everyone’s personality and interests are different.

About Vinyl Wall Lettering

Vinyl wall lettering allows you to achieve the look of custom wall stenciling. The major advantage to using vinyl is that is applies like a sticker and can be removed without any damage to the paint, wallpaper, or tile. The vinyl itself is about as thick as 3 coats of paint and is available in a wide range of colors.

The easy application and removal process allows you to constantly change your expressions to fit the season or your latest interests.

Applying Your Stitch & Print Wall Expression

Expressions are applied in one piece by following the simple steps provided with your order.

Removing Your Stitch & Print Wall Expression

When you are ready to remove your expression, you simply heat the area lightly with a hair dryer and peel the letters off. Remove any residue by washing the surface with warm water.

Where To Apply A Stitch & Print Wall Expression

The vinyl expressions can be applied to any clean smooth surface including walls, tile, windows, mirrors, wood, cars, and more. The designs are made to fit in a variety of locations and settings such as: homes, offices, college dorms, apartments.

Events, Seasons, and Holidays

Affordable prices allow you to create expressions for any situation including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holiday parties, company logos, etc.

Custom Stitch & Print Wall Expressions

Custom lettering is available upon request. Stitch & Print offers a wide variety of colors, fonts, and sizes. Contact Stitch & Print for more information by calling (951) 375-8984 or email [email protected].